What is House-Coaching

Meaningful home design creating lasting value! 
The personal needs over the design of the space!
Adding empathy and life coaching tools to home design. 
According to Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, all humans share the same needs and seek to fulfill those needs.  When we meet all of them, we are happy and feel complete. I have discovered, that we can meet ALL our human needs in and via our home, office, or wherever you place a human being in a space. 
Is it spiritual? Yes, if you are, no, if you are not. This is not Feng Shui (with many rules). I believe the heart knows our beautiful truth and our soul knows the unique way home to our highest self and that we can use the home to reach our fullest potential. 
When I dissolve limiting thoughts with life coaching tools, in the process of House-coaching, my clients let go of fear and begin trusting their hearts to guide them home to their true selves. We unleash their own creativity so THEY can decorate their home, reflecting THEIR values (with a little help from the House-coach) and in their surroundings display THEIR version of joy, hope, love, and faith… in a new future of being perfectly imperfect and unique, open to living a purpose-filled life (as it happened to me!),

It’s beautiful, practical, fun, and life-changing!

I compare all human beings to cellphones; both can only live out their fullest potential when their “batteries” are fully charged. Most of us are constantly aware, where we keep our charging devices and often check the level of the battery on our phone…..right? Let me ask you: Where is your personal “device” for recharging in your busy everyday life? Nature? Yes, I do too …but the energy of my home connects automatically with my soul and recharges me, whenever I enter my home and so does my phone  – connects automatically with our wireless wifi and begins to recharge.  This connection to beautiful energy also happens to my husband, to our grown children, friends, and family when they bless us with their visits. 
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