Home Angel

Since 2009, I have participated in the Global Leadership Summit every year. The program is filled
with amazing teachers, who, through two jam-packed days, inspire and challenge thousands of participants attending live or in a video conference streamed in 70 countries a few months after the actual event in Chicago. 

Successful business people, young entrepreneurs, leading pastors, NGOs, and people with mid-level management jobs are all gathered to learn and feel, what the purpose of this one life could be?

We all fill our empty tanks and leave passionate about becoming a Gamechanger and help people
who suffer in ways we could solve with our unique creative talents…if we had the courage!

These talented speakers and Grander Vision stories have given me clarity and courage to go after my own vision: 

Making our world a better place to live, love and grow for all – and I will work for this purpose, regardless if I am paid or not.
It gives me such immense joy to make other people happy, but I learned the hard way, that I have to take care of myself first, before I can help others, in order not to become a burden to those I wish to help! 
An act of charity could just be procrastination for self-care! 

I’m definitely healing my own wounds, but mostly, I do this because I made a deal with God and he kept his part: My son was miraculously healed after a malignant brain tumor and in return, I promised God to contribute to healing homesickness both internally and externally  –  for people
who feel lost in themselves –  as home is a mirror of our soul.  

In an interview with the founder of www.TOMS.com, I saw Blake and his team give shoes away to poor children, who couldn’t attend school with bare feet. Seeing their happiness and tears of gratitude profoundly touched and inspired me! The for profit charity model “1 for 1” (buy “x” and give “x”)  ignited the vision that decorative items for the home could be a field, where this kind of charity would work: Buy a lamp and be the light for others; buy a bed and give a safe night for others; buy a cushion and give comfort to others etc.

In the Home Angel product collection, which I sell in Denmark, you will find posters and cushions with inspirational quotes, tiny cute “Angels-to-go” and 10% of the revenue from my latest Danish book Home, Heart & Soul is donated to my organization. The money is used to give people in need nurturing spaces (shelters for homeless, single parent living, senior citizen facilities, etc).in Denmark. My vision is global, that my trained House-coaches become Home Angels in their own city / country and we can collaborate with home design brands to sell our merchandise “1for1”.

I speak in churches and NGO organizations to inspire anyone with a skill, time or love to join me in helping  those who need House-coaching = joy, love, hope and faith in a better future! Sadly the CORONA-pandemic made it impossible to reach out physically in 2020, a year when it was needed more than ever!

Please contact me if you would like to collaborate with me or book a virtual event in your organization: homeangels@house-coach.com