About Kirsten

I was born in Denmark in the 60’s into a family of 6, me being the youngest. 

My parents were both entrepreneurs and very active in our little town, Vejen. We lived in a modern designed and cozy home, where I played with Barbie & Ken all over the home, but I was allowed by my creative mom to keep playing for days without tidying up! I am forever grateful for the space they gave me to be creative, for keeping me responsible to my commitments, to treat all people equal and to live with the mind of a servant.  My father passed away in 2000 but mother, age 95, is still fully alive mentally and spiritually loving her home we made in my first book. She is my best friend and rolemodel for how I want to grow old in a natural way with happy wrinkles! 

I have been single, then married, divorced, single mother and for 12 years married to Frank, living in our new beautiful home in Kolding – renovating and House-coaching it for 2 years – now ready to show the world our before and after journey.  I am blessed with Nikolai, my son, my soulmate and encourager and with 2 amazing bonus children Mona & Morten….and Brunello, a chocolate brown labrador, who goes to work with Frank each day.

I am an empathic Scandinavian interior designer, who has loved my work for 31 years adding beauty, practicality, love and joy to thousands of homes, offices, hotels, AirBnBs, etc. – personally and online all over the world. (I speak 4 languages). I dig deeper than design, and therefor I was very fortunate to become a student with Martha Beck, whom I discovered on Oprah TV and as a columnist in O Magazine. 
I became a certified Martha Beck life coach in 2012  and gave myself the title: House-coach!

I discovered the early tools 16 years ago to help myself and my son get back on our feet after a divorce and we found ourselves in our very first rented apartment, homeless in ourselves and in our surroundings. I became very creative with very little money and used our home as a cocoon to grow into a butterfly with storytelling of love, joy, hope and faith.

I published a bestselling self help book in Denmark on Empathic Home Design for people in need of a nurturing home in all stages of home and life. In the book I shared client stories and my own personal story from caterpillar to butterfly and how creative we could all become if we stopped listening to “design rules” and “Feng Shui rules” simply by following the guidance of our heart and soul home to ourselves.

I read many brilliant self help books , and one day my mind replaced the word “me” with “home” and I had this spiritual revelation that  home is a mirror of your soul!

While I studied life coaching, I learned from Martha Beck and from Byron Katie (The Work) what today has become the basic tools for House-coaching: 

How you think about a circumstance will determined how you feel.
How you feel determines how you act, and this will impact the result. You can change how you think and it will directly impact the final result. 
When you dissolve underlying fears and insecurities you can totally change your perspective on life. You realize you are free to act, free to be creative and reflect your inner beauty and your values in your home! 

With all this new knowledge I published my second book in English in 2013 in collaboration with a Danish Home Design brand, BoConcept, and travelled the world giving speaking events for clients and teaching workshops for their staff. I met such wonderful people – gave and received so much love. 

This was a complete eye opener to me, that I could start an international career. No matter the country, the culture or age of my audience. they both cried and laughed during and after a talk and at the following book signing they  would share their innermost secrets and dreams – and how they wanted to reflect those into their home with House-coaching….speed talking in 30 seconds as the line was one hour long! 

In every city, I met designers, who became deeply connected to the purpose of House-coaching and asked me how they could become a House-coach? First I struggled, as i am not a structured person, not a manager at all – but I am a leader and I lead with compassion and vision.  So from these requests I formed a “test group” of international students in 2016-2017. We designed the basic training of House-coaching over the course of a magical year, and with new students in 2018 we formed a dream team, who built our amazing platform in English and Spanish. 

We are still growing with an invaluable leadership team of empathic managers and of course Sisi our Headmaster who always believed in me and with this work has found her purpose. Today we have the best empathic teachers,  mentors, and fantastic students from all over the world and a colorful team of trained House-coaches, who offer my service in 7 languages 101 and online. 

Do YOU want to become a House-coach too? 

Read more on the page and contact me for questions and a free 20 minute

 “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly”. 
Today, I am grateful for the challenges which made me compassionate towards the suffering of others and lead me to my life changing discoveries. 
I am deeply grateful to my talented House-coaches all over the world for the impact you have on other people’s homes & lives by being talented designers, empathic, imperfect and beautiful and totally dedicated to making our world a better place to live, love and grow for all!