Deeper Than Design

I would never have thought, that meaningful home design (House-Coaching) would become highly relevant to almost every citizen on Mother Earth! 
But while I began writing my latest book Deeper Than Design in February 2020, the world around me and my everyday life changed completely and it turned out soon: it changed for all of us! Millions of people have been confined in their homes for months, feel “disconnected with their soul”, “discouraged”, almost “homeless” in their own home”…and bored with their lives, as the travel-eating-out-shopping-behavior we took for granted has been paused for a year or more….. 
In this blog, I will share House-coaching love stories from:

* my upcoming new book and 3 former books

* my own beautiful soul recharging home & life stories to help you understand life coaching better

* the homes and lives of my wonderful House-coach students and their process of becoming a certified House-coach.

* homes, workplaces, and lives of my wonderful private and corporate clients

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