Home Design With Purpose

Empathy + Life Coaching + Home Design = House-Coaching

Scandinavian Interior Designer for 30 years and certified Martha Beck Life Coach since 2012 with more than 2.500 homes, offices, hotels, hospitality rooms, public spaces and much more! 
Founder of Home By Steno and  Institute of House-Coaching, storyteller and a loving teacher 
Change your own life, work with purpose and ad lasting value to the lives of your clients! We offer a Diploma course for home designers, architects and design consultants within home related industries
You’ll be trained by me, empathic life coaches and encouraging mentors. 
Join our community of Changemakers!
You are one click away from living in a beautiful home that meets all your needs and from living a life with creative freedom. 
We offer personal and online House-coaching in 7 languages around the world. Contact one of my House-coaches for more informatio
Do you sell products for the home? Do you care about your customer’s wellbeing? Do you seek higher purpose with your work… while increasing sales?
If yes, then I offer  you and your consulting & sales staff training in House-coaching. I also offer customized events for your clients, which will forever change the way they see their homes and open up to wholehearted purchase decisions.

My vision is to make our world a better place for all to live, love and grow. I have founded an organization in Denmark and have developed merchandise to support my vision financially. 

I am looking for partners in the home design industry to help me with my vision and offer free online events for NGOs & churches world wide.